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Water Damage Restoration in Marysville, WA

Water Damage Restoration Services in Marysville

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DK Environmental is a Top-Rated Water Damage Restoration Company in Marysville WA

When a water damage disaster strikes your home, property, or business, our technicians have your back! Our technicians at DK Environmental are IICRC-certified professionals. They are genuine experts in the water damage restoration process. If you need immediate assistance, trust the pros at DK Environmental to restore your home or business!

DK Environmental is a professional water damage restoration company based in Snohomish County. We are locally owned and operated. We offer emergency services in Whatcom County, Skagit County, Island County, and King County.

We are a full-service mitigation provider. We can help you with all phases of the water damage restoration process. Our emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our goal is to make sure we restore your home as quickly as possible.

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Who Do We Help with Water Damage Repair in Marysville WA?

If you are a homeowner, property manager, insurance agent, or business owner, and need water restoration, DK Environmental can help! Our team in Marysville WA is ready to assist you. Call 425-903-4356 for immediate assistance.

We understand water damage can be stressful. With everything else going on in your daily life, a water damage disaster is certainly a setback. DK Environmental's goal is to help you remove the water and restore your house back to normal as quickly as possible.

Property managers should save our contact information. If you are looking for a full-service contractor, look no further than DK Environmental!

Not only can we help you with the water damage, but any repair of removed materials as well. Our goal is to be the only phone call you need to make.

We help contractors and builders during all building phases. If you had a water damage incident, or perhaps need humidity control on a new build, DK Environmental can help.

What Types of Damage Restoration Do You Provide in Marysville WA?

DK Environmental provides many types of damage restoration in Marysville. We provide emergency services to Marysville WA, Lake Stevens WA, and the surrounding cities. We perform all types of water damage restoration:

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Certified Technicians Provide Damage Restoration in Marysville

Any mitigation company that provides restoration in Marysville WA should have IICRC-certified technicians. It is crucial to hire a business such as DK Environmental, that has a team of professional technicians who hold a current IICRC restoration certification. Our technicians are genuinely water damage restoration experts! Using a water mitigation business without certified technicians can be an issue. Technicians who are not IICRC certified are less likely to be fully educated in the water damage restoration and cleaning process. They are also unlikely to understand the health risks associated with incorrect cleaning and restoration. We have been called in to finish restoration projects where unskilled contractors used incomplete cleaning processes and did not properly dry an affected area. Mold remediation required due to incomplete water mitigation is a common occurrence. Be wary of water damage restoration companies who do not have certified employees but offer restoration services at a lower cost. A lower cost is not necessarily an indicator the company will not provide a thorough cleanup. However, it is certainly something to consider. Mold removal, otherwise known as mold remediation, is much more expensive than performing a water damage restoration project correctly the first time. The potential health risks are avoidable.

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Why You Need to Act Quickly After a Water Damage

Water damage to your home or commercial property in Marysville WA should be addressed promptly. The affected areas can begin to develop mold growth. Rapid response is key in preventing unnecessary further damage to your property. This type of damage is also referred to as "secondary damage." Secondary damage occurs when materials that were not previously affected by the water damage begin to degrade. This generally will happen due to the high humidity. For instance, damage to a ceiling can occur due to high humidity although only the walls were affected by the flood. This damage is preventable by lowering the general humidity levels. A great company like, DK Environmental, l will respond quickly and extract the flooded areas before the water can have a chance to further damage building materials. Property managers, especially for a commercial business, should always act fast to prevent more damage. Call a water damage professional like DK Environmental to assist with water removal in flooded areas. Waiting too long can cause microbial growth to occur. A commercial business has much to lose due to the additional undue burden of having to shut down its operation for mold remediation. Anything short of a rapid response will allow water to dwell in building materials for too long. This will cause microbial growth. It is much more cost-effective to act quickly and deal with water damage to the house in a timely manner before it becomes a mold remediation project. Untreated water damage can cause building materials to degrade comprising the structural integrity of your house, thereby, increasing the cost to repair and restore the damage.


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Common Causes of Water Damage

Water damage has many causes but the most common are extreme weather events, roof leaks, leaking faucets, dishwashers, and washing machines. When dishwasher and washing machining drain lines become clogged they can cause "gray water" damage. Cleaning of gray water should be performed quickly. In the winter, burst pipes can be a serious problem. A water pipe burst can happen due to cold temperatures causing the copper to rupture and leak. When the temperature warms in the daytime the leak can suddenly become a flood. Undetected roof leaks are also a common occurrence. A faulty sump pump can back up causing requiring "black water damage restoration services." A sump pump can lose power during extreme weather events causing standing water in a basement. During extreme weather events, basements with a few feet of water are a common occurrence in residential water damage restoration! A basement water emergency will typically require submersible pumps in order to remove water. Washing machines can cause water damage when overloaded with too many personal items. A washing machine with a backed-up drain line can also cause significant damage.


The Water Damage Repair Process

You may be wondering why you need a professional to provide restoration service. A wet carpet and a few damaged personal belongings hardly seem like any reason to worry.

You may decide to perform your own water mitigation. The entire process is much more complex than you may think. Although avoiding an insurance claim and deductible could seem like a good idea at first, regardless, you should act quickly.

Water Extraction and Emergency Water Removal

Water extraction is relatively simple on a hard surface. To remove water from a basement or crawlspace with standing water, submersible pumps can be used. Submersible pumps will not be able to remove the last bit of remaining water. The remaining water in a basement can be extracted with a shop vacuum. The problem starts with materials that are tougher to effectively extract excess water from such as wet carpet, pad, walls, and flooring. Advanced equipment is required in order to perform a thorough cleanup of wet carpet and pad. Our water damage experts use weighted extraction tools. Weighted extraction tools are a staple for any professional that provides restoration services. This advanced equipment allows water damage experts to squeeze out excess water from the carpeting while also providing suction. The result is a damp, but not soaked carpet. The typical homeowner will not have access to these types of tools enabling them to extract excess water from flooring. Carpets that are not dried quickly can develop an odor. Although odor removal is possible, it will be much more difficult to achieve. Odor removal will typically require specialized services that will not be worth the value of the carpet.

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Bound Water in Building Materials

There is also excess water bound in building materials that you may not be aware of. Porous materials such as wood and drywall have the ability to absorb water. Our water damage experts at DK Environmental have access to more advanced equipment called moisture detectors. These moisture detectors are a requirement for a company providing water damage services or engaging in water cleanup. They allow our workers to properly dry the structure, ensure a thorough cleanup, and identify hidden moisture in walls. Walls with hidden or leftover moisture can become a problem later on. If materials in the affected areas are not properly evaluated at a water-damaged property, an affected area can be missed, and mold growth can occur. Correctly mapping moisture levels is key to prevent mold growth from occurring. Unknown mold growth present in the walls or other materials can seriously compromise structural integrity. Not only can the property suffer secondary damage from mold, but the potential health risks are also another factor to consider. Most health risks due to mold after water damage are completely avoidable by using the right tools and equipment. An insurance provider may also request that a company providing water damage restoration services also submit documentation outlining moisture readings in each affected area.

The Drying Process

Removing bound water is just as important as removing standing water. Water damage requires special equipment to remove water bound deep in materials and personal belongings.

Dehumidifiers and air movers are staples in the water damage industry. These pieces of specialized equipment allow us to lower the overall humidity levels in your house.


This process can take anywhere from 3-5 days on average. During the drying process, the technician will move and adjust the air movers to direct them to problem areas on the walls and flooring as necessary.

Materials such as wood floors can take additional time to dry. Wood floors cannot typically be dried effectively with air movers. Hardwood floors will typically require specialized equipment such as drying mats.

Drying Equipment, Dehumidifier, Air Movers

How Much Does Property Damage Restoration in Marysville Cost?

It is difficult to estimate the cost of water damage repair. We will not be able to determine which water restoration services you may need without an on-site inspection. The drying process and equipment requirements will vary by project.

DK Environmental provides water damage restoration inspections free of charge.

We will evaluate your situation and the water restoration services you need. Our technician will explain the entire restoration process and provide you with an estimate. The estimate will cover the full extent of the damage restoration.

Water Damage Repair We Offer the Marysville Area

We offer residential water damage restoration, commercial property restoration, mold solutions, flood damage, and emergency cleaning services.

We also provide repair services such as dry wall, flooring, new insulation, and residential construction services.

We are one of the few restoration companies licensed to perform our own asbestos abatement. If our team finds asbestos during your restoration project, you will not need to hire another contractor!

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Meet the Owner

David Talamantes is a Snohomish County resident. He has been providing quality cleaning and restoration services in Marysville for over 13 years.

His restoration business, DK Environmental, is a great company. DK is a locally owned and operated business. DK has offered services in Marysville WA since 2018.

David and his crew are IICRC-certified professionals and provide top-notch courteous service.

We are proud to serve the Marysville area. We are happy to have the opportunity to assist you with your water mitigation project. Whether you have a small job or significant water damage, we are certain our crew will do an amazing job!

IICRC Certified Professionals Are Available

24/7 Emergency Services

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Insurance Company FAQ

Your insurance provider will likely prefer that you hire water damage companies that hold an active IICRC certification. Many insurance professionals are IICRC certified! Some even have departments of dedicated water damage experts that assist in claims review.

It is not uncommon for an insurance agent or adjuster to become IICRC certified. This is because an insurance provider will typically want to understand the water damage process. Understanding the drying process is an important aspect that will aid your insurance provider in better assisting you.

A typical insurance policy

Are Water Damage Restoration Services Covered by My Insurance?

In most cases, if your water damage is caused by an event that is considered "sudden and incidental", your insurance will provide coverage. What does that mean?


A pipe that suddenly bursts or a toilet tank that suddenly overflows are good examples. Typically, it needs to be a surprise event, or in most cases a mistake, for it to be considered sudden and incidental.


Anything that requires emergency services will likely be covered. We encourage you to review your homeowner insurance policies every year.

Quick Response is Key

We work with many insurance professionals and work closely with their representatives during the drying process.

Upon completion, we provide your insurance adjuster with important documents that outline the full extent of the work performed in the affected areas. This ensures the carrier can understand the entire restoration process we have completed and provide coverage. We work closely with your adjuster until the claim is paid and closed.

The important documents we provide to the carrier also assist them with determining which reconstruction services will be required. They will be able to determine whether the reconstruction services will be substantial or if only minor repairs are required.

What is Considered Negligence?

A leaking water valve causing microbial growth to a wall that you have known about for months is a good example of a situation that will likely lead your insurance to a denial of coverage. It is best to have a plumber out immediately in cases like this.


This is because action was not taken to provide the necessary restoration services to avoid further damage. This is why a quick response is very important when dealing with water damage repair.


If you have leaking faucets or know your sump pump has issues it is best to have a plumber fix them right away!

What Else is Not Typically Covered?

In most cases, the repair of the ensuing water damage will not be a covered expense. This would include leaking faucets, faulty washing machines, and broken pipes. Whatever caused the damage will typically not be covered.

Heavy structure damage, or damage that has comprised the structural integrity of the building is typically not going to be covered in a water damage situation. A slow leak that has caused extensive damage can be difficult to cover, but that's not always the case.

Homeowner Insurance Policies

Most homeowner insurance policies require the homeowner to practice due diligence, meaning, doing what needs to be done to prevent additional damage. Waiting for a carrier to confirm that it will provide coverage is often a mistake most homeowners make causing further damage. Waiting too long to take action can cause structural damage or additional damage to personal belongings.

Although uncommon, we have seen insurance companies refuse to cover mold removal or structural damage expenses due to a property manager or homeowner waiting far too long to initiate the water removal process.

If further damage is caused by inaction, it is more likely the insurance company will have an issue in the long run. Structural damage and mold remediation are usually avoidable after a new water damage incident. Quick response is the recurring theme in water damage restoration. It is an important aspect to prevent additional damage!

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