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DK Environmental About Us


We began our damage restoration careers as field technicians. That's right, we started from the bottom. After ten years of hard work and gaining substantial experience in the mold, water, and fire damage restoration industry, we became restoration department managers. We have truly seen it all.

We often hired asbestos abatement contractors to remove asbestos-containing building materials on our damage restoration projects. There is nothing worse than a restoration contractor who unknowingly rips out hazardous building materials putting themselves, you, and your family at risk!

Most restorers do not perform asbestos abatement services. We often had no choice but to hire abatement contractors for our restoration projects. Their quality of work and attention to detail would often disappoint. It is asbestos for crying out loud!

It was here that it became evident to us that there was a serious shortage of quality abatement contractors.

We knew we could do it better...So we did.

In 2018, we left our positions as mitigation department managers at a large franchise restoration company to establish DK Environmental LLC, a specialty mold and asbestos abatement company.

We planned to only provide abatement services, but that didn't last very long...we are now a full-service restoration company!

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