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Bio-Recovery Services

Bio-Recovery is more commonly known as "Trauma or Crime Scene Cleanup." These types are projects can involve a simple injury or accident where blood or other bodily fluid is present to larger projects involving cleaning after a homocide or death. 


DK Environmental technicians are trained and certified to handle work that involves potential infectious disease and biological hazards. This is meticulous work and requires proper work and disposal procedures for infectious waste as required by regulation.


Dealing with the stress due to an unfortunate and tragic event such as a death, suicide or homicide in your home or business is a difficult task on its own. Once the authorities have released the scene and completed their investigation, still, in a difficult time, the unimaginable task of cleaning up the scene is required. 

DK Environmental has your best interest at heart. We are considerate of your needs for a discrete and quiet service. Our vehicles are not marked with biological hazard logos or anything that would draw more attention to the work being performed. ​

This type of work is generally covered by your homeowner's or commercial property insurance. DK Environmental will work with your insurance to discuss, approve, and complete the work. 

DK Environmental technicians are professional, considerate and certified with the Amerian Bio-Recovery Association (ABRA). Our technicians are standing by to assist. 

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